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Full Cow

Full Cow

When purchasing a full cow you will pay your deposit and pick what month you would like to recieve the product. Please read all of the information below before checking out. Thank you for supporting your local farmer. 

  • Butchering & Processing:

    Our prices for our steers are based off of LIVE weight. We charge $3.10 per pound on the total weight of the animal while it is alive. Orders of entire animal, half, and quarter are available. Butchering process is paid for by Darland Manor and will not be included on your balance. All packages are labeled with vacuum sealed water resistant labels to ensure a great fresh tasting product. All animals are processed at Old Line Custom Meats in Baltimore. Old Line is a high end butcher shop and USDA approved. 

  • What You Get:

    What the customer receives: following the butchering process the customer receives roughly 60% of the animals live weight. Which means if you buy a quarter you will receive 1/4 of that 60% or 1/2 of the 60% if buying a half.

    The customer is provided with a custom cut sheet if purchasing a 1/2 or more.  A yield sheet will entail every piece of beef product within your order. Orders under a 1/2 will be a typical variety of cuts with no custom option. 

    ​Cost. Each animal typically weighs between 1,100-1,350lb.

    Entire animal; $3300 min

    Half; $1500 min *most popular*

    Quarter; $750-$950 

  • Local Orders Only:

    To keep the integrity of the product we will not be offering quarter, half or full cows outside of a 50 mile radius. Sorry for the incovinence and thank you for your understanding.  

  • Payment:

    A $200, non-refundable, deposit is due at check out. The product price is based off of the LIVE weight of the animal. The remander of your balance is due at pickup.  We accept check, credit cards or apple pay. 

  • Pick Up:

    We can deliver the product to you or you can find us at the Easton, St. Michaels or the Annapolis famer's market. 

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